Malaysia Prohibitions

1.      活生動物及動物製品;
2.      肉類及動物內臟;
3.      海鮮類;
4.      奶製品、燕窩、蛋類;
5.      植物(包括任何種類之植物及其部分,例如根、莖、葉、花果、種子等)及其製品;
6.      菲律賓或印尼生產之可可、紅毛丹、山荔枝、龍眼等水果;
7.      動物性肥料;
8.      易燃燒、易爆炸之化學混合物及任何會釋放瓦斯及發熱的物質、煙火、爆竹;
9.      用來錄音或錄影的磁帶;
10.  未加工的木頭;
11.  廢棄紙類、硬紙板及用以造紙之紙材;
12.  猥褻、淫穢之書報、圖畫、照片;
13.  未使用之郵資;
14.  銀行支票、錢幣;
15.  印染沙龍(裙)之布料;
16.  印有可蘭經經文之紡織品;
17.  軍用衣物及裝備;
18.  繩索、防水卡其外套及長襪;
19.  紡織設備;
20.  安全帽(除了腳踏車、機車騎士使用者);
21.  未製成形之玻璃;
22.  鑽石、珠寶;
23.  刀劍及魚叉、魚槍;
24.  碾米機及其零件;
25.  電力設備及其零件;
26.  電訊設備及廣播器材;
27.  單色影印機器;
28.  武器、彈藥;
29.  遊戲機的代幣或磁片。


  • Explosive, inflammable, noxious, filthy, deleterious or otherwise harmful substances and sharp instruments not properly protected.
  • Arms and their component parts.
  • Dangerous drugs, exceptionally and on production of an export license, narcotics and psychotropic substance may be sent by insured post for medical or scientific purposes to countries which admit them on these conditions.
  • Perishable non-infectious articles, anything liable to become offensive or injurious through decay during the time ordinarily occupied in transmission particularly if addressed to a tropical or subtropical country, unless sent in a hermetically sealed container.
  • Articles which from their nature of packing may expose postal officials to danger or soil or damage office items or postal equipment or which tend to hamper the performance of postal operations.
  • Correspondence containing any lottery ticket or any ticket or any advertisements of prizes or any other announcement relating to any public lottery, sweepstake or other gambling transaction.
  • Coin and billion, securities of any kind payable to bearer, bank or currency notes unless sent by insured post.
  • Radioactive materials, whether solid, liquid or gaseous.
  • Indecent or obscene communications, prints photographs, books or other articles and packets bearing grossly offensive, indecent or obscene words, marks or designs.
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